Monday, October 27, 2008

Just because you're yelling, doesn't mean it's funny

Dear people who think being loud and obnoxious is funny,

It is not funny to yell. It's actually quite annoying. Recently I started watching some episodes of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia." While there is some great writing and acting, I found myself disappointed when watching the few early episodes I found on Hulu. Why does Charlie have to scream all the time? Do people really yell like this in real life? I should hope not. It reminds me of some Jack Black shit that is so played out and annoying. Chris Farley is possibly the only comedian that has made me laugh while throwing some type of yelling fit accompanied by outrageous physical comedy. I am not trying to jump on the "good ole days of SNL" bandwagon, but it is true. It suited his character and just worked for some reason. In conclusion, I will still watch future episodes of "It's Always Sunny...," but I will be annoyed every time one of the characters FREAKS out. Inside voices people, subtle humor, step your game up.

"Stop eating people's old french fries pigeon. Have some self respect. Don't you know you can fly!"

Friday, October 17, 2008

I've got nothing...

I've been miraculously speechless lately. Perhaps not in life, but in blog...bloglyfe, if you will. A serious lack of inspiration could be to blame. Although I've been listening to some amazing music lately, I feel absolutely no need to review and write about it on this blog. You'd think someone in my position might want to share opinions on music, but since music is all that I think about and talk about all day (in a variety of ways, and a variety of bands) it seems like this should provide and outlet for me to NOT talk about music.

I finally feel a little bit like my old self. My grip is back, my brain is moderately in control - the analytical/rational side is winning over the emotional side, so I feel like I'm on top. I'm always voting for rationality over emotion - it's so much easier. I am sure something/someone will come along soon enough and send me whirling back into the all too stereotypical female insanity that I made a part of my life in the past year. Let's hope, for everyone involved, that I've got it out of my system, and we don't go back to that horrible place.

This upcoming week will prove to be a real shitshow. I'll be leaving for New York City on Sunday morning, meeting up with my bff once removed (from boston) John Liam Policastro - aka Pboy for an UCB improv show. VERY excited...fingers crossed - Tina Fey will show up and adopt me as her protege/best friend/personal assistant. I'll be residing in lovely brooklyn with twoms (pentucket regional middle school hayyyyyy) and hopefully meeting up with my lil sister from a different mister Jenny from the block (not Lo...oh no), and a whole slew of NYC folk. I got new business cards so I'll try and be productive and give them to all the right people and in turn, some of the wrong people. I'm incredibly focused on work lately and highly motivated, which generally stems from a workload that is somewhat unfathomable, but completely necessary. I'll take the boltbus on wednesday morning home to go straight to Dante, try and make some dollars, sleep, work, Dante (reprise, thursday style) and then go back to New York on Friday. Trap Them on Saturday with Akimbo and other special guests and if the stars align and things go my way, I'll see Jay Reatard on Saturday night.

If you see me, bring me emergen-c, echinacea and anything that might relieve stress and prevent a cold, because all signs point to Monday October 27th as being the day I get my first bad cold of the season. Nothing like stress, nyc and some travel to ruin your immune system.

Well at this point I'd like to take the time to refer to the beginning of this post where I state that I don't have much to say. Even I knew that was bullshit when I was writing it. Like I could be short of words...please. Anyone know how babbling on incessantly about any subject can make me some money, I'm all ears.

It's 10pm on a Friday night and I want nothing more than to fall asleep, which, is what I'll go ahead and do.

thank you and goodnight.

Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm gonna be real sad...

When william shatner dies.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

good readings on the innernets

2 People that I find very interesting are interviewed here.

One, I've only met once and exchanged a few e-mails with. His name is Patrick and he sings for End Of A Year. The few e-mails I mentioned were pretty basic, publicist band stuff...but there was a hint of oddball humor to them, that I can appreciate..and am starting to understand more. I think that we will be friends..OR I'll just keep reading interviews he does and blog posts he makes and silently appreciate his humor and honesty.

The second is George, who sings for Blacklisted. If you know me, you know about Blacklisted. This band changed my life. At this moment, I can't really pinpoint how they've affected me, in detail on this blog. It will come out in my autobiography. Anyway, I feel like I could write a zillion word essay on George and how I've grown to know him over the past few years and how he never ceases to impress me, confuse me, surprise me and inspire me. That was super corny...but so is half the stuff I write in there you go.

Read the interviews.