Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chucky Edge

I just want to dedicate a post to my good friend Charles Henry.

He's been on tour for a while now, but I got to see him the other day at a show and hang for a little bit. I may not get to see him all the time, or talk to him everyday - but that doesn't matter. He recently wrote in his blog (see links) about celebrating life - and whether he knows it or not, he is doing a wonderful job, and he's a friend I can turn to, no matter what, and instantly be happy with. No dwelling on the negative, only the positive - and how can you not be happy with someone who laughed WAY more at the movie Semi-Pro than anyone should have.

So - Chucky, thanks - you rule. I feel bad for people who aren't your friend

this is hahdcoah

First - I'd like to just put it out there that I really would like a digital camera. It'd be great to post some pics here on this blog, and/or just have them...ya know, for memories.

This is Hardcore Fest in Philly was this past weekend. Without going into a ton of detail - shit was a good time. Always nice to see friends and all of that. Here are highlights and lo-lights

Traveling with Rich - great travel buddy
The Sheraton in Ctr City and King Size Beds
Madball - starring Freddy
Blacklisted - favorite band
Joe Hardcore wearing glasses
The Bloody Mary I had to start my day on Saturday
California invasion
Oscar the dog

5am trains out of Philly
Eating too much candy
Not eating enough Govindas
Car being towed on my arrival home
Saying bye to people I wish I saw everyday (lets get rid of the midwest, CT, Delaware...I want to be no more than 10hrs away from philly, richmond, and all parts of CA)

I think that is it. I wish I had some photos...but please, see opening line of this entry.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Dear Watermelon...

I want to eat you every day. Such a refreshing treat late in the afternoon, please know, I'll always love you.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Rewind the Behind...

Okay. This update is long overdue. I'm sure it doesn't really matter, as KP is the only one that is waiting for it, haha...but here goes nothing.


Los Angeles:
Love your weather.
Don't really like the city.
I'm sure this is a generic complaint, but everything is too spread out. I'm small, I like small things - crowded cities, all that.

BIG thanks to Liz for giving me the best hair cut ever. No thanks to Liz for the haircut because it makes me want to fly to LA every 6 months to have her cut it.

Getting cute earrings on Melrose was a highlight, and seeing my friend Lynn from college. Shouts to her for the air mattress.

Sound and Fury:
Please read the 2 blog entries that Blacklisted wrote right after the weekend. Pretty much sums it up. Good fest, good bands, good friends. Long days, some not so great bands, and well... I wish I could just put all my real friends in a bubble, and toss everyone else aside. Such is life... oh aquaintances, how I don't need any more of you.

Santa Barbara weather is great. Michelle, the other side of my brain, gets props for well, being the other side of my brain.

San Francisco:
Thanks to Shipwreck for giving me a ride to Sacramento. I felt an earthquake at Starbucks on the way up. It was cool. Wouldn't want to feel the big guy though, shit was kind of nuts. Hi Sacramento. Love Killing the Dream. Good gig. Seeing Blacklisted, Rise and Fall, Shipwreck, KTD and A&O was a great time...would do that again.

My time in the bay area was awesome. I stayed at my dear friend Kims house - big thank you to her and her roomates for letting me stay. I mostly just chilled in the city during the day, sat in parks, shopped, read my book, watched all the crazies. Then at night it was hanging out. SAw some Kevin Nealon stand up -- that was funny - basically hanging out with Mr. Anthony Hook can make me happy and feel at home anywhere.

Other lovely faces I saw - war hungry, jason t, lil debbie, sam, Toast, Jorie, Naoma, and of course, Rise and Fall and Alpha and Omega.

Going to the Santa Cruz boardwalk was awesome for my last day. See some photo strips below. I'll post some other random pics as I see them.

Right now, its Friday and I got let out early from the restaurant. I've worked there most days I've been home...Im looking forward to philly next weekend. Bye.