Thursday, February 4, 2010

A New Year, A New Life

I haven't written anything here since July. It's February now and I can't really remember anything of note that has happened in the past seven months that were worthy to write about.

I started this blog because I enjoy reading other people's. Soon after some initial posts, I realized blogging wasn't for me. I communicate with too many people on a daily basis to have anything left in me to write about that could suffice as somewhat interesting. I do the same shit everyday. I don't care about one thing enough to devote a blog to, I don't travel often, I don't go on tour and I mostly don't have time. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Blogs - there isn't much that I'm doing that hasn't gone noted by some type of social networking phenomenon. I can't keep up although I wish I could. I want to have a daily picture of me in an interesting place, I want a crazy story to write about and I want to share that with open eyes and ears, but instead I would exude every ounce of pent up frustration onto this blog, which can be viewed by the public, and unabashedly spill my over analytical guts all over the internet. To those who have witnessed this, I'm sorry. I think I've got some crazy in me.

2010 is already insane. Soon after my previous post (you know, the one about Boston sucking) I decided to move. Richmond, VA was my city of choice thanks to it's adorable houses, easy to learn grid system, delightful restaurants and home to some of my favorite people. It's always felt right for me here. One month in and I have a job I never thought I'd have. Salary, benefits, working for a great company. My back isn't as tense as it used to be, I'm not as angry and high strung and while I did love a lot about my life in Boston, I know now I have made the best decision. That is a feeling I am proud to know and I hope everyone gets to feel at some point in their life. I did good.

With that said, I will stop writing. Perhaps I can now use this forum, not to vent about cities that suck and relationships going sour and sending messages to people I thought I once loved, but for something more mentally stimulating and less emotionally debilitating.